At the present I along with my wife and three girls continue to serve our Lord. I, along with other preachers in our church preach at Bible Baptist Church of Kiev. TRANS-UKRAINIAN EVANGELISTIC "REACH" is based on 2 Cor. 10:13, 14 But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to REACH even unto you.

For we stretch not ourselves beyond our measure, as though we REACHED not unto you: for we are come as far as to you also in preaching the gospel of Christ:
This minsistry has to do with traveling during the warmer months using a tent holding evangelistic meetings with the intentions of planting a church. We work with nationals that we have had opportunity to train somewhat or they have gotten our literature and are of like faith.
God has blessed us with young preacher boys. At one time almost one-fourth of our membership was God-called local Ukrainians.

Our first tent meetings were held in the year 2000 in a village just outside of Kiev in Gorenko (pop. 15,000). Many souls were saved in those meetings.

One of our men, Sasha is a missionary about 3 hours south of Kiev. Our church in Kiev supports him and bought him a car to travel in and run his circuit of preaching. We've worked together since 2001 and have travelled to many smaller towns and villages and have seen many adults, teenages, and of course children saved.


I believe that missions is at the heart of God especially if Jesus Christ was the greatest "missionary." For He came from so far a place to win the lost. He also started a local church (Matt. 10) and sent them out to win others. With that understanding our church in Kiev as become more mission-minded. The church itself is presently supporting three local preachers with whom we've had the opportunity to help start local churches. God has been so good to us, to say the least.

In the summer of 2003 the Lord blessed with the opportunity to plant another church; in the village of Kashperovka (pop. 3000). Another work was started with Sasha Amelin also off the Black Sea in Little Kohovka (pop. 3,000). But unfortunately after a few years Sasha Amelin needed more work to support his wife and child so he was forced to come up to Kiev and work. He is now attending our church while his family is still in Kohovka.

This village along with Kashperovka is located approximately 2 ½ hours south of Kiev. As we did in the village of Gorenko, we held evangelistic meetings for at least 3 weeks in the same place. Once the people get familiar with one another, then the next step is to move the congregation into a house or some neutral location for the church to further congregate. You can read about PAUL’S CYCLE OF EVANGELISM in our work TRANS-UKRAINIAN EVANGELISTIC "REACH", listed in the link BOOKS.

To keep you posted on the latest, you may check out our link on Updates.


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We started a Bible Institute (filial of Pensacola Bible Institute) in '97' and continue to teach those interested in learning the Bible. During our January sessions (2008) we had 16 adults from different parts of Ukraine studying the word of God (see 2009 picture | see 2010 pictures). Some were pastors that continue to further their studies in the scriptures with us. Our desire is to teach the locals what we've been taught, and train them by taking them with us on our evangelistic trips that they may have a practical "hands on" taste of the ministry fulfilling 2 Tim. 2:2.

We try to have a balance of Institute classes (two sessions a year, summer and winter) and tent meetings for the practical end.


Something else I think needs to be mentioned is that God allowed us to write a Correspondence Course for Bible-believers that we started in '94' and is still going strong today. We have over 350 participants (by regular mail) from every county of the entire country of Ukraine. Now the lessons are being sent into other countries such as Moldova, Belarus, Russia, Belgium, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and even America. At one time we sent lessons even to Israel. If you are interested in seeing what literature we have available in the Russian tongue then please go to BOOKS.
The Lord also has allowed us to get the Correspondence Course for Bible-believers on the Internet. What a blessing!!! Here is the e-mail address for those that are interested in starting the Course for Russian speaking people:

May the Lord bless you. Pray for the Demopoulos family, serving in the former Soviet Russia; Perry, Galia, Naomi, Rachel and Hannah, that we may together reap a harvest for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Imagine your Bible having errors, missing words, added words, fouled up doctrine, etc. That is the problem with all the fake versions of the Bible in just about any language including all the versions in Russian. Thank God for the infallible, King James Bible, "THE holy scriptures" from which we can translate the Bible into Russian.

We have been labouring for many years translating the King James Bible into the Russian tongue. The Russian language is the fifth major language in the world.

In 2011 we finished the translation of the New Testament. That is a milestone for us and also a historical moment in the former Soviet Union. We have been sending the Russian King James New Testament throughout various parts of the world including America, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Kyrgystan, Russia, etc.

We hope to complete the Old Testament by the year 2014 and that will finish this massive job.

Thank you for considering the opportunity in investing in missions and translation work in the Former Soviet Russia.
May the Lord bless you.
Sincerely Bro. Perry

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest (Matt.9:37, 38).

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